Tuesday , 27th of June 2017
Absurdity at its best on your Mobi! - Mobile Portal
Free online mobi portal for absurd stuff. Absurdity of everything funny, strange, wacko, crazy, ridiculous, hilarious, insane, nutty or anything found out of order.

Absurd Videos ABSURD VIDEOS:
Absurd Amusing Bizarre
Collections of hilarious and wacko absurd videos. Free to Download and easily viewable on cell phones. Amusing craziness and a good laugh guaranteed!

Absurd News ABSURD NEWS:
Crazy Deranged Funny
Get tuned with the wackiest of wacky things going on around the world. Funny things which celebrity or ordinary folks do. Bizarre news on your device!

Absurd Pics ABSURD PICS:
Humor Hilarious Insane
Humor moments captured in pics and showcased. Funny moments to remember and laugh about. Actions which would make anybody smile or roll with laughter!

Social Absurdity SOCIAL ABSURDITY:
Irrational Madness Nutter
Society goes overboard and gets irrational at times. Get to know about all the social nutters and the things which they do. Logic can hardly explain it!

Miscellaneous Absurdness MISCELLANEOUS ABSURDNESS:
Strange Unusual Wacko
Wacko, Unusual and Strange stuff which one cannot categorize into any of the above. Hilarious, ridiculous, crazy and completely out of the order things which are done intentionally or unintentionally!

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Mobi Wap ABSURD.mobi Absurdity portal of funny, strange, wacko, ridiculous, crazy and completely out of the order things. A free online listing of things which will make anybody laugh to their hearts content. Adding smiles to your busy and complicated life.