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People organize weird events and even do strange things, many a times the hilarious stuff it gets reported too. One will be surprised with the kind of surprising news stories that get reported at local, domestic and international level. Crazy things that one may not even have dreamt of. Funny, Bizarre and Amusing happenings. Weird stuff that gets reported locally and internationally now for free on your mobile phone. Absurd news mobi portal, the laughing stop for all mobile web.

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Absurd news is collected from all around the web and news media sources. Discrepancies in reports may occur as not all news is accurately published. The absurd mobi news portal does not intend to ridicule communities or any human being with our news stories. Stupidity is reported from around the world, no country, race or colour is targeted. Any unintentional action of insult should not be considered as defaming or malicious. Absurd news is meant to serve just one purpose and that is laughs and smiles.